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Winner of the prestigious EXC!TE Award from Custom Retailer magazine, and a nominee for the CE Pro BEST Award, the P610 delivers full-range cinema impact from a compact set of cabinets.

Powerful proof of the benefits of Procella’s design philosophy of full dynamic range playback of 24bit/96KHz program material, the P610 uses the identical high-output 10” woofer used in the acclaimedProcella P10 and P10Si subwoofers, mounted in its own enclosure, with a separate, bracket-mounted rotatable cabinet housing a 6.5” midrange and 1” high-frequency compression driver and Procella-designed waveguide. With bass extension to 40 Hz, the P610 meets cinema requirements for a full-range speaker, freeing listeners from the sonic limitations of speakers using an 80Hz subwoofer crossover point..

P815• P8 • P6

  • 1” Compression Driver for Superior High Frequencies and Dynamic Range
  • Procella-Designed Constant Directivity Waveguide for Uniform Dispersion
  • Identical Voice Designs Ensure Timbre-Matching
  • Scalable Concept for Any Room Size

For music or movies, Procella loudspeakers are designed to accurately reproduce all aspects of modern high resolution 24 bit/96 KHz recordings – from the transparent audio quality of these recordings to their full dynamic range – in any size room. Unlike ‘hi-fi’ speakers, Procella speakers combine audiophile accuracy with extraordinary dynamic range, and Procella’s scalable concept means that systems can be configured to fit any space from the smallest home theaters to the largest digital cinema screening rooms.

High Level Performance
While conventional loudspeakers can deliver excellent sound at a reasonable price, producing the SPL necessary for today’s 96/24 recordings is beyond their capability. All Procella monitors use advanced drive units enabling them to produce much greater dynamics and lower distortion at high output levels, yet they produce superior micro-dynamics at low volumes.
The Procella-designed constant directivity elliptical waveguides provide constant dispersion regardless of frequency, ensuring that listeners throughout the room hear every nuance and detail in a recording.

Identical Voice™ Design
Anders Uggelberg’s Identical Voice™ design links the models, achieving a precise timbre match when different models are used for the main channels and the surrounds.

Procella’s flagship is a reference-quality, precision full-range speaker for large home cinemas, studios (music and post-production), screening rooms and small cinemas. Bi-amplified with 2x700 watts of on-board high efficiency class-D power and 28-bit ASP DSP, it combines the P8 mid/high frequency loudspeaker with a powerful 15” woofer.  The P815 enables listeners to experience audio as they never have before – from revealing the smallest details to producing the awesome power of a full-scale 96/24 film soundtrack or a symphony orchestra as previously only heard from the conductor’s podium. With the P815 you become one with the sound. 

Winner of the prestigious CEPro BEST Award from CE Pro magazine and the Exc!te Award from Custom Retailer magzine, the P815 is THX Approved for integration into professional rooms, including THX Certified Screening Rooms and THX pm3 (professional Mixing, Monitoring and Mastering).

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