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Our namesake Wisdom Series introduces our latest planar magnetic thin-film technology and represents an uncompromised engineering effort to achieve the ultimate in music and film sound reproduction. This series introduces a new standard of transducer refinement and capability, significantly extending the performance envelope even beyond our award-winning Sage Series™. Wisdom Audio enjoys a proud heritage among esoteric loudspeaker companies, having produced some of the most highly regarded (and most costly) loudspeakers in history. The LS4 is the cornerstone of the new Wisdom Series, offering all of the benefits of a large-scale line source, combined with the unprecedented performance advantages of our newly developed, high efficiency, ultra high output planar magnetic module. Reproducing more of the music through our advanced thin-film technology than any previous model, including Wisdom Audio's highly regarded legacy models, the LS4 yields breathtaking performance in all areas including low distortion, detail, dynamic range, transparency, horizontal dispersion, sound stage imaging and maximum output capability.

Designed to be used in conjunction with the high efficiency, ultra high output STS subwoofer for frequencies below 80Hz, the LS4 is a landmark achievement, offering a new level of performance that can simultaneously satisfy both the most critical music and film aficionados, as well as homeowners who place a priority on interior design. Our design goal of achieving a low frequency response of 80 Hz with the Wisdom Series planar magnetic modules required an increase in enclosure volume over our Sage Series line source models. These amazing new transducers are all proprietary and designed by Wisdom Audio. Each loudspeaker requires bi-amplification, with independent amplifier power provided directly to the respective high frequency and midrange/bass portions of the loudspeaker. The SC-1 System Controller is therefore a mandatory part of every Wisdom Series system, providing high quality active crossovers upstream of the respective amplification.

However, we are also keenly aware that even loudspeakers of this extraordinary quality and performance, once placed in your home, may not be able to deliver their best performance in your room without additional tools. Walls, furniture, and other objects reflect and absorb the sound, creating complex distortions specific to your room which cannot be predicted – requiring measurements to be made on-site. Therefore, the SC-1 also incorporates sophisticated, professional-level Audyssey™ room correction. Every authorized Wisdom Audio dealer is trained on the proper setup and calibration of Wisdom Series systems within your home.

The Wisdom Series models are unique, all new technology driven solutions that achieve a rare level of performance. Among all speaker designs, a category where subtlety in design and performance is all too common, these achievements stand apart. The goal for the design team responsible for these products was to create the best overall speaker system solution, while maintaining Wisdom Audio's commitment to lead in the architectural speaker category. For those customers unwilling to accept compromise in both sonic performance and an integrated speaker solution, these loudspeakers have no peer. Capable of unprecedented realism, the output of this system may be compared to live music and needs to be auditioned to be fully appreciated.

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